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Kenton Web Design Studio is a full-service web design, web development and WordPress development company. Dedicated in delivering the highest quality and affordable web solutions to small businesses in Buffalo, New York and also nationwide. Since 2003 ~ We are one of the best talented group of graphic designers + programmers, WordPress coders and SEO specialists. We coded over a million lines, designed and worked on over 5000 websites, and developed tools in Rails or PHP that simplified web usability. Some of the services we offer include; content management (CMS), website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), custom plugin development, custom programming and e-commerce solutions.

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It's time to stop neglecting your online web presence and help us leverage the web to grow your small business in Western New York. Our team has a black belt in design, development and marketing. We know the internet like the back of our hands and have a true passion for what we do. We are confident that we can help any business in Buffalo, New York to be on top of their competition. Whether you are looking for crisp, professional custom website design, or migrating your website onto WordPress platform ~ Kenton Web Design in Buffalo, has got your back.

There is no project that is big or small that we can't sing our teeth into.

Active Projects

In our spare time, away from all the code and graphic designing -- we focus on creating web applicaitons as tools to simply the web. Our time to brush up on new experienced and learning curves. Here's just a few recent projects we are actively working on right now.

CureWP ~ U.S. Based WordPress Assistants



CureWP offers Entrepreneurs or Startups ability to hire a dedicated WordPress assistant(s) to complete quick website tasks and jobs. Pay only for what you need and when you need it with à la carte fee structure, clear tasks / job report notes, monthly core services. Never over pay, there's no contracts to worry about, and no need for proposals or wasteful time screening freelancers.

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