Got WordPress Site?

CloudyPress, is a service of Kenton Web Design, a Managed WordPress Hosting service that handles most of the technical stuff like upgrades, performance, and security, allowing you to comfortably focus on your content. We provide WordPress Hosting for personal sites to business sites and all manner of sites in between. It’s the less hassle WordPress Hosting service.

We list the top benefits you can achieve hosting with CloudyPress product by Kenton Web Design studio.

1. First to offer a WordPress Product

We were one of the first companies that offered a very well constructed system, superior for performance and security, offering you all the right elements for WordPress piece of mind. Core updates, plugin upgrades and technical configurations are handle all by experienced person here.



2. Expert Support a Click Away!

Ever feel like you have been left out by the hosting company? Never feel like that again. We gained experience supporting clients with WordPress, hosting and development elements since 2003. We love providing and assisting our clients, its the best feeling and achievement we can gain. In the end, it just feels real good. We are just a click away!

3. Managed means more then just Hosting.

Hosting can be quite a burden on someone trying to take care of everything by themselves. Managed hosting takes care of all technical aspects, core updates, plugin updates, backups, monitoring, answers to questions, offer an expert on the other end to help you when you are in trouble.



4. Security done the right way.

We configured and practice all steps to provide our clients with a real good security blanket before your website is compromised by a hacker or virus. We’ve made it out mission, it allows us to offer best-in-class Secure Cloud WordPress Hosting, with Redundant Firewalls and DDoS protection including our custom firewall rules for securing WordPress.

5. Sick Configuration for Lightning Fast Speeds.

It took 10 years to debug the right configuration for the right product. Our configuration covers three major areas, performance, security and integrity. Your website will be super fast, perform at peak speeds while being secure with the least amount of disability possibilities.



6. We are WordPress Experts

Our experience in WordPress comes from 10 years of coding, debugging, building custom plugins, designing themes and customizing themes for clients, firms and other organizations. WordPress is a product we love working with and know everything about. It’s how we became experts.

We’re more then affordable!

Our monthly pricing is tailored only to the amount of space and bandwidth you will use. Each package is set with just the right amount of allotted resources to provide you with super fast performance of your website. Need more then one website hosted? Save an extra 10% per each website, 10th website you host with us – its on us!

Personal Blog
$19 monthly
1 WordPress Install
10 Gigabyte Transfer
Unlimited Visitors
10GB SSD Storage
SuperFast CDN
Business Website
$49 monthly
1 WordPress Install
25 Gigabyte Transfer
Unlimited Visitors
25GB SSD Storage
SuperFast CDN
Dedicated IP Address
Dedicated Solution
$149 monthly
1 WordPress Install
50 Gigabyte Transfer
Unlimited Visitors
50GB SSD Storage
SuperFast CDN
Dedicated IP Address

Please review our tailored plans above and contact us by clicking the appropriate button. Setup is crucial to well driven hosted website, we do ours manually with full control panel access to you. Why manually? because we’ve seen automation in hosting fail few hundred times and you do want the best of the best right?

Test & Compare Us!

We don’t mind at all, we will give you a 30 day trial with a full 30 days money back guarantee. If you don’t like us for whatever reason, just let us know you like to cancel and if it’s within 30 days we will give you your money back. We want to earn your business not scam you on it. If we don’t deliver, we shouldn’t do business together either.

Our 99.98% Uptime Guarantee

We do our very best to keep all of our services, servers, ip and nodes all secure and up running. We provide a guarantee of 99.98% SLA Uptime or we will credit your account based on our log record of any downtime. You can contact us for more information.

Check our Server Status page.

Servers? Datacenter? Network?

Our service is one of the best out there you will find, we have learned from the best folks around too which still do great things within the industry. We bring a more personal touch vs some big giant company feeling. That said, we also are not going to hide where our servers are located or what networks we use; it’s your website after all and you should know where all your data sits.

Our servers are all located in 11 different Data Centers in 3 different regions, provided by Dediserve; this includes locations such as; Ireland, UK, Netherlands, California, Texas, New York and more coming soon. They use the latest and top hardware; SSD drives, NAS, Network Cards and other elements to be the best.

We guarantee 99.98% up-time and we stick to it. We get offered the same from our providers; Dediserve. Since 2010 (4 years) we only logged a little under 30 minutes of downtime and that speaks volume.

Interested in finding more information, feel free to visit Dediserve website for more network information. We stand behind their product and they will do the same for us. Great group of friends that provide us with the ability to deliver such high concept of WordPress hosting service